America goes for Fernando Gorriarán and puts Viñas in the negotiation

America goes for Fernando Gorriarán and puts Viñas in the negotiation

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In the Americaalthough it is clear that failure surely continues to hurt, they do not rest on their laurels and leaving aside the drama a bit, they already set their sights on what the tournament will be Closure 2023in just over two months.

Something is clear the leadership wants to strengthen its workforce even more, because the idea is for it to be very powerful, and now it has in its portfolio the hiring of the Uruguayan midfielder for Santos Laguna, Fernando Gorriarán.

A steering wheel that has followed the picture of Coapa long ago, raises interest again and it seems that the cream directive he will go with everything to get the services of this one.

And to try to achieve his signing, which will surely result in several million greenbacksthe intention is to put some player or players to lower the cost of the charrúa a little.

According to some reports, Federico Vinas is an item the team will use as a bargaining chip, and it looks like it could go to Atlasthen we must remember that both red and black as Warriors are owned by the Orlegi Group.

There is also the option that the Eagles definitively surrender the letter of Leonardo Suarez and even send to Peruvian Pedro Aquino with the albiverde set. These are times of rumours.


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