Albers and Van de Grint about budget cap: ‘The FIA ​​is not in control’

Christijan Albers and Kees van de Grint fear the end of the budget ceiling if its enforcement fails. It recently emerged that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin may have crossed the ceiling in 2021. If the teams are guilty, Albers and Van de Grint will plead for heavy penalties. Otherwise it may be done with the cost cap.

Albers tells at Viaplay Shakedown that he questions the approach of the FIA. For example, a ruling on Red Bull and Aston Martin on Wednesday 5 October was postponed until next Monday. “The FIA ​​just doesn’t have it under control,” said the former driver. “That’s the big problem right now. The FIA ​​just doesn’t control the regulations. It’s a kind of horse trading where they kind of clap their hands behind the scenes.’

What exactly is the problem? ‘They are just not sure’, says Albers. He notices a lack of decisiveness in the motorsport body. He therefore hopes that the FIA ​​will take firm action in the event of violations. ‘It’s very simple: if you have a budget ceiling, you have to stick to it. If you go over it, there should be serious penalties on it. Not 25,000 euros or three tons.’

Budget ceiling rules F1 ‘too gray’

Van de Grint sees another problem with the budget ceiling. The problem is that the rules are too gray. And that is typical FIA and especially the previous FIA. Maybe the new president is tougher, but the previous president definitely didn’t really want clear black and white rules, because then you can’t go anywhere. Just think back to three years ago with Ferrari, what happened there. Also a bit of a strange deal.’

The former Bridgestone tire expert points to the deal between the FIA ​​and Ferrari about the possibly illegal 2019 engine. It was never really clear what exactly was going on. Van de Grint fears a similar problem with the budget ceiling and hopes for a clear decision. ‘Otherwise, this is also the end of the budget ceiling, because if you say now: this is allowed and this is not allowedthen we will have another 200 million budget next year.’

A fine is also not effective, says Van de Grint. ‘Because whoever has the money spends it. If those teams have 200 million on the shelf and they are only allowed to spend 140, they will be fined five million and increase their budget next year. They have that money after all,” concludes the former tire expert about the situation surrounding the budget ceiling.

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