ACB: Real Madrid turn off Kyle Guy and Joventut: “We did shit in the last quarter” | CBA 2022

Real Madrid 96 Joventut 79


The black-and-white, who had won by 9 before the break, sank in the second half against Musa and Hezonja. Carles Durán, self-critical

Yabusele fights for the rebound with Tomic.J.J.GuillenEFE

The hangover from the Euroleague classic at the Palau, from Real Madrid’s first defeat of the season, was resolved by the team from Chus Mateo without too much trouble. It didn’t seem that way when in the first half Kyle Guy, that phenomenon that came from Indiana to the ACB, put the Whites’ defensive foundations in trouble. But the black-green gunpowder ran out just as the shooter vanished. The second part was completely local to sign the fourth victory in the Endesa League: only Lenovo Tenerife follows the pace.

When Dzanan Musa and Mario Hezonja they were put into orbit, Madrid was boosted. well supported in a Tavares who had tiptoed through the first half, as if Mateo wanted to lighten the load of minutes on his giant, aware of the infinity of the season and the dependency. The match was a carbon copy of the one that both played less than a month ago in Seville, in the semifinal of the Super Cup.

La Penya -in which he debuted Jarred Jones-, who went to 50 points in a fireworks first half, finished with 29 in the entire second half. He dominated by nine in the 19th minute and in the middle of the last quarter he fell by almost 20. He fell apart in a bad way, as if the white physical bar raising had left him KO, as if his energy and spirit had abandoned him.

It was left over

Real Madrid had found themselves in front of a rival without complexes. His lack of tension at dawn was penalized by a Joventut with enormous offensive resources, with success, but also with mastery of the rebound. And that was the most striking thing. After the first duel in the sun of talents between Musa and Kyle Guy, it was It was left over the one who tried to counteract the green-black strength. Who raised the bar in the second quarter, stretching on the scoreboard thanks to the genius of a shooter who is called to mark an era in the ACB.

Or in the NBA if they don’t take him back. Because Guy is a phenomenon. He scored from the triple, his greatest virtue, scandalous percentages. But also in insights, some with extraordinary resources. La Penya put the maximum (41-50) and Madrid reacted to go to the locker room with better feelings.

Deck It was key in that comeback stretch, but it was Hezonja and Musa who danced afterwards. Those who dispelled any emotion with a 16-2 run, while Joventut missed and missed triples (0 of 11), annulled Guy (three free throws in the entire second half), certifying his third defeat in four ACB games. “We’ve done some last quarter shit,” mused a blunt Carles Durán en Movistar.

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