acapulco mexican tennis open will celebrate 30th anniversary with new sponsors

The white sport It is a discipline that is in full growth in Mexicoeach year the quality of the tennis players who visit Aztec soil is higher, the score and the prize pool that are awarded are more outstanding, thus making our country one of the most recurrent destinations for racket players and by the authorities of the ATP and WTA.

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Las keys to achieve this there are mainly three; In the first instance are the mexican organizerss that they care to offer high quality tournamentsthat provide experiences to tennis playerscompanions, assistants and sponsors, who found in this sport and in the association with these events an opportunity to promote the deportation and get closer to your potential market.

David Acosta, director of marketing for Continentalexplained that tournaments like the Los Cabos Open or the Acapulco Mexican Tennis Open they represent the opportunity to generate alliances and position the brand in a market segment that is associated with quality.

It should be noted that Continental’s agreement is not just reduced to Mexico but it is part of the global strategy of the brand that signed an agreement for the next three years, at least in our country, and with this it is not only about having a presence in the big tennis events but also about promoting and growing the deportation.

The Acapulco Mexican Tennis Open will be 30 years old and this represents a great opportunity to develop Mexico a higher penetration of our communication, where at the moment we promote the tournament, we are also in the sight of new clients who will know that we are part of this quality experience.

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For the next edition of the tournament in 2023 where three decades of Mexican Tennis Open Many surprises are expected, the presence of the best tennis players in the world has already been confirmed and it is expected to be a celebration like no other.




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