Abelardo: “Perhaps the reprimand of the bull day came in handy; it may have been the best first part of the season”

Abelardo Fernández se was satisfied with the victory of Sporting de Gijón at El Molinón in a match with two very different parts: a great first half and a grayer second half, with Villarreal B looking for a draw until Jony’s goal appeared

match analysis

It is a very positive balance. The first time was very good; in the second they changed the system, I was surprised by the lineup. They had never played with three center backs. At the break we talked about how to correct that system. They had fifteen good minutes in the second half. Jony’s goal sentenced the game. The first time we were able to have a broader result

It may have been the best first part of the season. The rival invites you to a more open match: it is a subsidiary, which plays with the advanced defense. With the players we have, it’s good for a rival to come open

Half Valentine

Pol was training well. Ahead of Guille he was doing phenomenal ahead of Guille. Hassan we believed that he could play in that position. Paul is fast.

The Molinon

The equipment at home is reliable. We have made seven points out of nine. We have a complicated schedule ahead of us, but we face it with enthusiasm.

We knew that Hassan and Collado did not play much inside. Yes, we start from within. Both Otero and Aitor had to cover the interior. They read the game well.


It took a long time without scoring a goal, I imagine it will be important. The goal is not easy at all, in a typical play for him. It is not easy to score with his less good leg. You will have felt a great liberation, a joy. Now he has to follow

Christian Rivera

We depended on him. He hadn’t participated in a month. He hadn’t played an entire match. Not in preseason either. He has played a phenomenal game. He has made Zarfino also play a good game

Calendar and losses in the center of the field

We have to wait for Gragera and Pedro. We have six days until Thursday. Now there are Christian, Gio and Nacho

The calendar doesn’t matter. They are four important rivals, but we have to play against them. The team is prepared to play face to face with anyone. They will give us the respect we have earned.


Maybe the reprimand the other day came in handy: at the level of the press conference and correcting things ourselves… An important video job. The team has come out plugged in. The team has been focused, very involved.


I imagine it will be a fibrillar rupture. It was in a sprint back.



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