Aaron Boone made an excuse for losing to the Astros and … he was right!

The New York Yankees will open a series of at least 2 games today (it could be 3 if they win any of the first 2) at Yankee Stadium against the Houston Astros for the American League Championship Series with the mission of reversing a deficit that seems insurmountable, even more from the emotional than from the sporting point of view. Trailing 2-0 in the match, the Bombers will try to turn the tables in front of their home crowd.

However, there is a situation that was punctual in game 2 and that still has manager Aaron Boone lamenting what could have been and indeed was not. We are talking about Aaron Judge’s controversial shot to the right field in the eighth inning that was nothing short of a home run and that could well have meant the triumph of the visitors.

After all, the ball did not leave the park by inches, which is why Boone stated in the press conference that the open roof of Minute Maid Park and the strong wind of the Texas night prevented them from leveling the series at 1 side win.

nothing was missing

Although the fans of the Bronx Mulos have cataloged the helmsman of the club of their loves as a man who suffers from schism (human tendency to seek justifications), there may be some truth in his words this time.

According to the data released by Baseball Savant, that connection, which had a 28-degree angle and an exit speed of 106 MPH, would have been a likely home run without the incidence of the hostile weather in Houston. Batazos with the same characteristics had the following destinations during this season:

Was not at home

On the other hand, it was found that with everything affected by the breeze, that ball would have come from one of the 30 parks in the Major Leagues: Yankee Stadium. He means that, if The Judge hit this stick in his feud, the Yankees would go up in the eighth inning by 1 line. Incredible but true!

Without a doubt, a great disappointment for All Rise and his team, who from now on will have no excuse if they want to continue in the race.


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