A stability present on the tatami

Guérigny. Stability on the tatami. Twenty years between them! This is the beautiful score achieved by Patrick Faure and Pierre-Ange Tachon, teachers of the judo section of Asgu for almost a decade.

The first had responded to an announcement from the club, in search of a coach. Although far from the city of Forges (he is a business manager in the mortuary in Saint-Honoré-les-Bains and lives in Cercy-la-Tour), this holder of a black belt 4 e dan, now 57, didn’t hesitate to get involved.

A choice that he has never regretted and still assumes with passion: “It is, for me, a real pleasure to pass on to these young people who give it back to me, by their investment on the tatami! “, declares Patrick Faure, at the end of his weekly course on Friday, the only one that his schedule allows him to ensure. And, although solicited by other clubs closer to home, he remained faithful to Asgu.

A chance for the section and for Pierre-Ange Tachon, his friend who arrived at the same time to complete the staff, who was able to continue his training thanks to the skills of his eldest (twenty-five years old) and tutor. Black belt too, 2 e dan, this mechanical production engineer at Fourchambault appreciates his working environment: “We like it here, and we have all the conditions necessary to succeed. Our joint presence for ten years is a good sign of the stability of the club! “, wishes to specify Pierre-Ange Tachon.

Since this season, he has also become a trainer, with Florian Lafarge, the new teacher of the section.

Practice. There are still a few places left in the different courses.



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