A baseball class that makes you think “It was fun”… Hideki Matsui’s “connection with people” nurtured in his hometown, Ishikawa | Full-Count

Hosted NPO “Matsui 55 Baseball Foundation”

On October 15th, Hideki Matsui, who was active in the Giants and Yankees, held a baseball class at his alma mater Seiryo High School in Ishikawa, sponsored by the NPO “Matsui 55 Baseball Foundation”. He was sweating while staring at the children with a gentle expression, acting as a batting pitcher, and showing off over the fence in free batting. The way he looked at children was very impressive.

“I just hope that the children who were able to come here today will have good memories of things like ‘It was fun’ and ‘I’m glad I came’. So, I want to play baseball again. That kind of power. I am doing it because I would be happy if I could become

The NPO baseball clinic presided over by Mr. Matsui will be held in Japan for the sixth time. Including the United States, it will be the 22nd time. It was the first time I played at my alma mater, and it was the first time since I graduated to play baseball on the ground. Did you have any special thoughts?

“(Regarding the baseball class) it’s the same as always. The children’s eyes were so bright and they seemed to be having fun. Seeing them like that gives me a lot of energy. (Regarding the field at my alma mater) It’s been 30 years since the era, so I’m deeply moved.”I’ve been sweating here for 3 years.”(The scenery) hasn’t changed much, so I’m very happy about that. ”

Maybe because I had a fulfilling time, my words bounced. She was determined to show her “good side” in front of the children. In 11 full swings, 1 over the fence. “I realized that I was lacking in physical strength. The batting pitcher also kept throwing for a long time, making everyone around laugh, saying, “I don’t think I’ll be able to get up tomorrow.”

Some of them haven’t seen their active days in real time…



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