81-73 | I stumble on the same stone

The motto lost to him Students by 81-73. And you could practically copy the chronicle of the defeat against Lleida last Wednesday. Because the script was the same. Domain, good minutes both in defense and attack that make believe in the famous green shoots. But when the last quarter arrived, the haste, bad decisions and unnecessary mistakes they paid dearly. Those kinds of mistakes in the hottest moments are inexcusable. The people of Madrid took advantage of them with a 12-0 run that consolidated their victory. Lleida had already done it in the previous match with a 0-14 which also caused the victory to slip away from the oranges, who have to continue working to seek that final maturity, especially considering that in seven days there will be a derby in the Riazor Sports Palace against COB Ourense.

Alexander Galan. | // THE OPINION

The outside game was again superior to the inside, and that both Goran Filipovic as Ingus Jakovic they had problems with turnovers and that sometimes the 3-point shot was abused as the only resource, as if the plan was missing. highlighted Olle Lundqvist, with 15 points and a PIR of 17. He also reached 15 Yunio Barrueta, although too insistent, without success, in the shot of three (2 of 6 in triples). inside, to Lottana Nwogbo he had to deal with one of the top five in the league, Kevin Larsen, and was absent. he bullied Atoumane Diagnewho nevertheless committed three fouls very soon (second quarter) and had to play less than expected, forcing Epifanio to improvise, with Alejandro Galán and Javi Vega, including Djordje Simeunovic, who entered from three and had to be recycled in four .

The motto he was ahead for a good part of the game. In the first quarter they even took a seven-point lead (7-14), all with points coming from outside (Filipovic, Barrueta and Lundqvist). Estudiantes was slow to react but when they did, they went on a 8-0 run, including two consecutive three-pointers by Hughes, to take the lead (15-14). The oranges endured the pull to reach the first break with an advantage (20-21). Jakovics came out furious in the second with two consecutive triples, but he interspersed good actions with mistakes and losses that allowed Students keep on the prowl Leyma used their efforts in defense to take another blow (31-39, their maximum advantage), but at that moment they were already without Diagne due to fouls and the absence of an inside reference weighed on them. With a triple by Lundqvist, the break was reached (39-42).

The second part changed for the motto. From the outset, two shot selections and two hasty triples, which together with an unsportsmanlike by Galán, which Estudiantes took advantage of with two free throws and a triple, put him in his first trouble (49-44), solved well by the Coruñeses , who clung as best they could to the track so that the encounter would not escape them. The locals gave little arreones (59-55) but they responded (59-59, end of the third quarter). They opened the last with two free throws by Diagne. It was their 61st point, in which they stalled with free throw misses and rushed shots. In the impasse until their next basket, the people from Madrid scored two triples and with a 12-0 run they scored directly. Already towards the end the orange shots entered. It was already late and they only served to make up (81-73).

Epi: “We did a lot of things wrong in the end”

“We did a lot of things wrong at the end of the match”, Diego Epifanio lamented yesterday at the end of the match in which Leyma lost at the Estudiantes court. “We tried to get to the end with options but with those turnovers and too many mistakes in decision making it was impossible. They played better, with better decisions due to our haste… and they are fair winners”, he analyzed. For the orange coach, who faced the team he led last year, his team followed the plan outlined in the first three quarters. “We did what we had to do, without too many mistakes, although we could also have done better,” he said. “But it is what it is”, he resigned himself as he showed the path that the A Coruña team has to follow in the coming weeks: “We have to work on keeping the good times longer and cut the bad times as soon as possible”.



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