4 male and 4 female representatives to participate in the “3×3” U23 World Cup 2022, which starts today – Basket Count |

Top 2 teams from each pool advance to quarterfinals

The Japan Basketball Association (JBA) has announced the eight men and women who will participate in the 3×3 U23 World Cup 2022 held in Bucharest (Romania) from today to October 9th.

The tournament will have a round robin group round in each POOL, and the top two teams in each POOL will advance to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, the 1st and 2nd place AC and BD will face each other in a sash, and a 3rd place match will also be held.

3×3 U23 Men’s Japan Representative
2 Takuya Kaida (G/176cm/TSUKUBA ALBORADA)
4 Ozawa Yu (G/176cm/SAITAMA ALPHAS)
25 Shintaro Ehara (F/192cm/Tokai University)
42 Takumi Masuko (G/183cm/Takushoku University)

[Men’s Participating Countries and Group Round Combinations]
POOL A: Mongolia, China, Latvia, Slovakia, Chile
POOL B: Lithuania, Japan, Romania, Egypt, Chinese Taipei
POOL C: France, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Brazil
POOL D: Israel, Germany, Serbia, Qatar, Kazakhstan

3×3 U23 Women’s Japan Representative
1 Yuyu Jiangmura (G/160cm/Waseda University)
2 Ririka Okuyama (F/180cm/ENEOS Sunflowers)
6 Norika Konno (G/179cm/University of Louisville)
14 Karin Imori (F/179cm/Tokyo Health Care University)

[Women’s Participating Countries and Group Round Combinations]
POOL A: France, Romania, Egypt, Ukraine, Chile
POOL B: China, Lithuania, Poland, Israel, Chinese Taipei
POOL C: Mongolia, Japan, USA, Dominican Republic, Uzbekistan
POOL D: Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Sri Lanka

[Japan match schedule]*Scheduled match start time is Japan time
10/6 (Thursday)
① 23:35~ vs Chinese Taipei
② 25:35~ vs Lithuania
10/8 (Sat)
③ 23:10~ vs Egypt
④ 26:35~ vs Romania
10/9 (Sun)
⑤ Quarterfinals (from 21:50 for B1st / from 20:25 for B2nd)
⑥ Semi-finals (from 23:50 for B1st / from 24:15 for B2nd)
⑦ Finals 26:35~ (3rd place match 25:15~)

10/5 (water)
① 17:40~ vs Uzbekistan
② 19:30~ vs Mongolia
10/7 (Friday)
③ 17:45~ vs USA
④ 19:35~ vs Dominican Republic
10/9 (Sun)
⑤ Quarterfinals (from 21:25 for C1 / from 19:10 for C2)
⑥ Semi-finals (from 20:50 for C1 / from 23:15 for C2)
⑦ Finals 26:10~ (3rd place match 24:50~)



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