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1. FC Köln is drowning in foggy chaos in the Czech Republic!

The conference league game at FC Slovacko that was canceled on Thursday evening will be rescheduled today at 1 p.m. – or played to the end… BILD answers the most important questions about the fog madness.

Important for Bundesliga fans Will the top game ALWAYS be on free TV soon?

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Should the game have been canceled earlier?

NO – says Cologne coach Stephen Baumgart (50): “It was about so many things. The travel planning, the television, the next game dates… In addition, it looked as if it would work. The process went so well.” The kick-off was originally scheduled for 6.45 p.m. It was postponed twice, then played for 7:01 minutes – then finally canceled at 8:22 p.m. because visibility was far too bad again.

How did players feel about the fog?

FC captain Florian Kainz (30): “The defenders said they couldn’t see anything up front, it was difficult. If you play a long ball and Sargis ran up front in the first action, the people at the back didn’t see him anymore.”

Baumgart: “The players said themselves that they couldn’t see diagonally whether someone was free or not. That’s difficult, even if every off situation is discussed.

Why is Friday played at 1 p.m.?

Based on the weather forecast, both clubs and the UEFA representatives have agreed on this time. The early kick-off time suits FC because the game against Hoffenheim is already scheduled for Sunday (7:30 p.m.).

Will the full game be rescheduled?

No! The game is continued at the time of the interruption, i.e. from the 8th minute of the game.

No more perspective: Cologne's Conference League game at FC Slovacko was canceled

No more perspective: Cologne’s Conference League game at FC Slovacko was canceled

Photo: Lucky Dalibor/dpa

Is the game coming back to TV?

Yes! RTL + also broadcasts the second attempt live.

How does Cologne deal with the fog cancellation?

With gallows humor! Baumgart: “You can only take something like that with humor. The job is stressful enough. It is important that we are a good collective. Not just the boys, but overall. We have to make sure that we don’t lose focus and have the right processes in place. Luckily I was in the 2nd division for a long time, so I know how 1 p.m. works…”

Do fans stay?

Yes – at least a part. The tickets remain valid. Due to the Nice riot, FC was not allowed to sell tickets to fans. However, many had gotten tickets via Slovacko right after the group draw. That’s why there were well over 1000 people from Cologne in the stadium on Thursday! After the cancellation, many Cologne fans celebrated in the pubs.

How do fans organize their trip – if they stay?

Some have rebooked their flights. Most FC supporters have traveled to the Czech Republic by car and are more flexible. Fans also came to the Czech Republic by train and organized bus trips (fan project). It is unclear whether the association will participate in extending the trip or will show its gratitude in a different way later.

Does the team have travel problems now?

no The team has a charter plane and travels directly back to Cologne via Brno.

How big is the pressure today?

Very large! Because FC knows after the Nice win against Belgrade (2-1): bankruptcy and the euro adventure is over, the round of 16 would no longer be possible.

Will the league game Sunday against Hoffenheim be postponed?

1. FC Köln is in exchange with the DFL with regard to a possible postponement of the home game against TSG Hoffenheim. Managing Director Christian Keller will speak after the game at 1. FC Slovacko in the mixed zone.

Coach Steffen Baumgart (50): “If a transfer were possible, that would be good. But I’m assuming that we’ll play.” Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. There are more than 48 hours between the final whistle in the Czech Republic and the kick-off against Hoffenheim. Baumgart: “We’ll get the return carriage on Sunday.” What he means: Of course, the stress of the game and travel put an extreme strain on his team!



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