Zeno Debast is amazed as a Devilish debutant: “De Bruyne’s level is impressive” | UEFA Nations League

For a moment (literally) with his head in the clouds, but now mainly with his feet on the ground. Zeno Debast was told on the plane this week that he was in the selection of the Red Devils for the first time. The 18-year-old defender of Anderlecht told today at the press conference about his entry into the group. “I’m especially glad they don’t call me scampi here yet,” it sounded relaxed.

It felt like a first day of school for Zeno Debast. The defender of Anderlecht started his first training camp in Tubize yesterday as an A-player for the Red Devils.

“It was a special moment to arrive here. It really is a dream come true. I was welcomed by everyone and the national coach immediately put me at ease, and told me that I could learn a lot here and above all have fun.”

The 18-year-old defender is already looking forward to Tubize. “It’s even more professional here. There is more time and everyone can follow their own schedule. You also feel that all the players know what they are doing.”

“I learn here with my eyes. I am very impressed by the level of Kevin De Bruyne. And luckily they don’t call me scampi (his nickname) yet,” Debast joked at the press moment.

Debast will not soon forget the moment of the selection announcement.

“We were on the plane with Anderlecht after the Conference League. Everyone was watching the press conference. Fortunately, the plane had only just taken off. So I had just enough connection to hear my name.”

“That was a special moment for me. There was also a lot of joy among my teammates. However, I actually did not expect that I would be there now.”

Vincent Kompany helped me a lot with my retraining as a defender

Zeno Debast

Debast is therefore very grateful for the support he has received over the years.

“I owe this success mainly to my family and girlfriend. In addition, I must also consider myself lucky that – in my retraining as a defender – I received the help of top players such as Vincent Kompany and Craig Bellamy.”

Debast has even been compared to his mentor Kompany lately.

“It is an honor to be compared to an example of mine, but I remain very calm about it. Feet on the ground. I have not proven anything yet. It is now up to me to do that.”



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