Würzburg Baskets hope for quieter times with newcomer Welp

The Würzburg basketball players have had a wild season. At first things didn’t go well and that’s why coach Denis Wucherer had to leave. Almost at the same time, the news came that the name sponsor was leaving. Ultimately, however, the team caught on and ended up in the middle of the table.

Expectations for the season: urgently avoid the risk of relegation

The new season begins next week with a home game against Bonn (1 October, 8:30 p.m.). It certainly won’t be any easier than last year. Because there is no name sponsor, “you have to see what is possible with the budget,” says captain Felix Hoffmann. Nevertheless, the goal for the season is definitely “the upper half of the table”. The Würzburgers do not want to face the relegation specter.

Good prospects for Collin Welp to make his pro debut

One player in particular is raising high hopes: Collin Welp has signed a two-year contract in Würzburg. His role model is his father: In 1993, Christian Welp made the decisive throw for the DBB team to win the European Championships in Munich. The man who died at the age of 51 gave his son a message: He should play basketball with fun, but also with self-confidence.

The latter is particularly in demand now. Collin Welp starts his very first season as a professional basketball player in Würzburg. That’s why it will be decisive “how physically he can play in the Bundesliga, because it’s his first year,” says Würzburg captain Hoffmann.

Nevertheless, he has a lot of confidence in the new signing: “He is extremely well trained, has a very solid throw, can read the game well”. Welp should hit for Würzburg from a distance, but also clean up under his own basket. The captain certifies his potential for this. He was “at the right address with Saso Filipovski to exploit it as soon as possible”.

Coach Filipovski: a title collector

The new coach brings a good deal of winning mentality with him. In his native Slovenia, he won a dozen championships and cups as assistant and head coach at Union Olimpija Ljubljana from 1998 to 2006. In Poland, Filipovski get two championships and a cup win. In Turkey, he led Banvit Bandirma to the finals of the Basketball Champions League. Before that, his club knocked out the BBL club in Ludwigsburg in the quarter-finals.

Stabilization – and then maybe even a title?

Filipovski proved that he can do the basketball Bundesliga last season when he avoided the threat of relegation. Now he can prove there’s more to his shots. It’s not about the title yet. But maybe those in Lower Franconia will become an issue in the long term.



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