Why this doesn’t work out in the long run

And she drives, drives, drives: Formula 1 is heading for a record season.
Image: picture alliance / HIGH TWO

More and more, faster and faster: Formula 1 races more often than ever and can be endured more and more often by dictatorships. That doesn’t go well in the long run.

GGreedy, shameless, ruthless – as of this week, those who mean it badly with Formula 1 have a few more arguments on their side: 24 races are to be held in the coming season, between the first Grand Prix in Bahrain at the beginning of March and the season finale in Abu Dhabi at the end of November there will be 266 days. It would be a record year for Formula 1.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, President of the FIA, the world motorsport association, sees this as “proof of the growth and attractiveness of the sport on a global level”. In doing so, he ignores what is also preoccupying many people around the world: the fear that accompanies inflation; the concerns arising from the climate crisis; efforts to make the world more open and fairer.



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