Who did he point to? Harsh accusations from Máyer Candelo, DT of Deportivo Cali, after the game against Bucaramanga

Máyer Candelo did not resign, as many fans expected, after the match against Bucaramanga that ended 1-1 and that exacerbated the crisis in the sugar box.

The coach of the Verdiblanco cast offered a press conference in which he went on to accuse and point out situations that have been occurring and that have destabilized the team.

“I want to help the cause, in the end we will embrace each other and defeat those who want to harm; and it’s not me, they hurt the institution,” said Candelo, without specifying who or who wants to hurt Deportivo Cali.

And in another intervention, he clearly targeted the sugar fans, who mostly ask for his departure from the team.

“Our fans have never liked anything, even if we win,” said the Valle del Cauca helmsman, later adding that “those who want me to leave, I’m not going to leave; they will be able to continue paying, we will defeat those who are doing harm, they think about the personal ego”.

Candelo emphasized that “People are paid to crucify me. No one has conditioned me, I’m calm, whether they like it or not, today I’m still the coach of Deportivo Cali.”

Regarding sports, he pointed out that the pressure has been great and that the team has not endured.

“No matter how hard we work, we haven’t been able to withstand the pressure, but we have to keep giving it. I’m not going to give up, I love this and I want to help the institution,” he said.

And he concluded by saying that “Every game I have had to rotate, I have had to make changes by obligation, everyone has played, unfortunately it is not noticeable by the results.”

A manager of Deportivo Cali assured El País that this Monday the situation of Candelo would be defined, whether or not he continues to lead the team.



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