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In NBA 2K23, there are many big teams and in order to know which one is the easiest to win, we give you a top 5.

NBA 2K23, the famous basketball simulation from 2K Games is finally available since this Friday, September 9 sur PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S et Nintendo Switch.

As with the release of each opus, some players wonder which teams are the easiest to win with within the game and so we train you a top 5 of the best franchises and a top 5 of underdog teams as well as an advice that we can give you in order to be able to play within these franchises in the MyCareer mode.

What are the easiest teams to win with in NBA 2K23?

Within the game, there are many franchises and several teams have very good statistics. Some teams will win more easily than others because of the players, but especially the bench depth. so here’s our two top 5 and our advice to get you a place in the roster.

Top 5 to play the title

Top 5 Outsiders

Of course, this ranking is based on team statistics and it is quite possible that you consider that it will be easier to win with other teams.

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