When do Yankees vs Red Sox play? The schedule of the Clásico in 2022Seventh Inning

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Are you ready to see the great baseball rivalry again? One of the most awaited moments by the fans is to see the ‘Clásico Yankees vs Red Sox’teams that no matter what day they play are always duels that are experienced differently.

And in the 2022 season of the Major League Baseball (MLB) did not wait long to have them face to face on the same diamond, since in the first series of the year for the New Yorkers at home they took the confrontation 2-1. After that, they have faced each other in four more series, two won by NY, one by Boston and one that ended in a tie.

There are 19 games in total. among them that are in the regular calendar, of which, 10 were scheduled to be played in the ‘Big Apple’ and nine in the Fenway Park.

Next we present the days in which we will see this classic confrontation

April 8-10 (Series won 2-1 by NY)*

  • Boston 5-6 New York
  • Boston 2-4 New York
  • Boston 4-3 New York

July 7-10 (Series 2-2)

  • New York 6-5 Boston
  • New York 12-5 Boston
  • New York 5-6 Boston
  • New York 6-11 Boston

July 15-17 (Series won 2-1 by NY)

  • Boston 5-4 New York
  • Boston 1-14 New York
  • Boston 2-13 New York

August 12-14 (Series won 2-1 by Boston)

  • New York 2-3 Boston
  • New York 3-2 Boston
  • New York 0-3 Boston

September 13-14 (Series won 2-0 by NY)

  • New York 7-6 Boston
  • New York 5-3 Boston

September 22-25 (4 game series)

*He was the Home Opener for New Yorkers

Last year, The Boston Red Sox took the annual series by winning 10 of 19 games.but in that edition, the ‘Bronx Bombers’ won the last six games. Seventh Inning



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