What makes the Manaslu so dangerous

An this Wednesday it was sad certainty: The American ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is the 88th fatality on Manaslu, at 8163 meters the eighth highest mountain in the world. The 49-year-old mother of two children has been missing since Monday. A spokesman for the tour organization Shangri-La Nepal Treks told the French news agency AFP that Nelson had an accident on the descent just below the summit that she had climbed with her partner Jim Morrison. On the same day, the Nepalese mountaineer Anup Rai was killed and twelve others were injured in an avalanche between camps three and four.

Benedikt Böhm is someone who has seen the dangers of Manaslu very closely in the past. In 2012 the German, like Nelson a ski mountaineer, was one of the first helpers on site in a devastating avalanche that killed eleven people. Böhm’s team was not buried by the masses of snow just because he and his companions pitched their camp a little further away on a glacial lip. A few days later, Böhm managed the ascent of Manaslu in less than 24 hours – faster than anyone before him. “That was one of the hardest weeks of my life,” Böhm recalls.



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