What is the best self defense for a woman? (sports, women, men)


I am looking for a way to learn self defense at home.

I’m aware that I should actually go to a martial arts school because there is a trained trainer there who can show me the right exercises and give me tips, etc. The problem is that I don’t have time for it because I love football play in a club and don’t want to stop.

So back to my question: What are the most effective ways of teaching myself self-defense at home?

Is there e.g. B. effective martial arts or types of martial arts, with videos on the Internet, with which I can then learn the techniques at home?

I’ve also thought about doing strength training at home with my own body weight, but that probably won’t do me much good unless I know self-defense techniques.

In any case, it is important for me to learn techniques with which I can have the opponent under control (like grip techniques with which I can fix the opponent or something like that). But for me it’s more about small fights with people of the same age, and not about brutal street fights with strangers, where you then try to really hurt the other person or something.

Now some information about me:

I’m male, 17 years old, about 1.65m tall and weigh 58kg.

I hope you have good ideas on how I can train as effectively as possible at home so that I can defend myself if someone is stressed or something similar.



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