What does a number 1 in the world like Carlos Alcaraz spend on?

The 18-year-old from Murcia reached number 1 after his consecration in the recent US Openand in an interview granted to the renowned Spanish program “The Anthill”acknowledged that at the time of spending, his weakness is the sneakers.

However, despite topping the ranking ATP of tennis, alcaraz He acknowledged that he should check his expenses with his father: “Now I have become a big fan of the world of sneakers, of sneakers, and that is what I am negotiating with my father”. In turn, the tennis player also pointed out that he has a car for the first time, and is a BMW which he obtained by sponsorship.

When asked about the comparisons with the Big 3and especially with Rafael NadalAlcaraz stated that: “It has not been a pressure for me to think that I am achieving things or that they are better than those of the ‘Big 3’ when they were 19 years old. I enjoy playing tennis and thanks to that when I really play well and the results come”.

Federer, Nadal y Djokovic They will go down in history as the golden trio for everything they gave to the sport in the last 15 years, and there is no doubt that they also inspired the litter of Carlos Alcaraz and some previous ones that are slowly taking the top positions in the ATP ranking.



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