Werder Bremen: Niclas Füllkrug settles accounts with a new FIFA game! | Sports

The wait will soon be over.

Next week, Friday (September 30th), the new version of the popular video game FIFA will officially be launched. It will be the last game under this name. At the same time, manufacturer EA Sports announced the continuation of the football simulation under a new name.

Everything is included at Bayer XXL baller and dream goal!


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Many Werder pros are also passionate gamers on the console. Goal scorer Niclas Füllkrug, on the other hand, doesn’t feel like the game at all: “I said goodbye to it a long time ago. I don’t think much of the game. There’s this classic expression pay-to-win (pay to win, ed.). This is not conducive to the children. They are not rewarded by performance, they have to jump over the financial barrier.”

Filling jug settles with FIFA game!

What does he mean specifically? In the most popular game mode “Ultimate Team” it is much easier for users to be successful if they put their real money into the game and buy so-called FIFA points with it. They can then use this to create their own team of world-class players.

In return, this means that if gamers don’t invest any real money in the game at all, it is hardly possible to reach a top level in online competition.

The game itself is not exactly cheap at just under 80 euros (Playstation 5)…


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