“We don’t want this to end”

The immense joy of the Spanish players as soon as the match ended had the same point of attention. Lorenzo Brown He captured the hugs of his teammates and the looks of the stands. Also from the Lithuanians, frustrated to see how a newcomer to the Spanish locker room acted as an executioner with his team.

After some hesitant beginnings in the preparation and a remarkable premiere in the Eurobasket, Brown looked yesterday as expected when he was expressly nationalized to play this championship. An explosion at the best time. The American took responsibility when the ball burned, adding 12 points and two assists in extra time. Unstoppable at times the base, who despaired his rival. “If it hadn’t been for his ‘signing’ this summer, we don’t know what would have happened,” he said. Kuzminsk at the press conference after the match. His anger was proportional to the affection that Brown received yesterday from his teammates, who were happy to have him.


they are the ones Brown scored in the round of 16 match against Lithuania, twelve of them in extra time. He also added eight assists

Brown came humble to the team locker room a few weeks ago. He knew the stir his nationalization had raised, but what he found when he landed there surprised him. «I was worried about how they would accept me. Even though I haven’t been here long, I feel like these players have accepted me as one of their own. They love me and I love them. I am very grateful to be able to be part of this team, which is a family”, pointed out the point guard after the match, the best since he wore the national jersey, after finishing with 28 points and 8 assists.

Scariolo, happy with the American, recognized that his adaptation had been easy and that if it had been difficult for him to get this offensive character it was not because of shyness. “I think he has more to do with his desire to be a team player and to make his teammates better at handing out assists. But we have the talent we have and thank you for stepping forwardalthough it does not always have to be that way, ”said the technician.

Brown himself took it upon himself to also praise the rest of the team. “Díaz’s defense has been incredible today and rudy’s effortbrutal. The confidence these guys have in me is incredible », said the American, whose speech sounded calm despite the exhibition he had just starred in. Performance with which he definitely won the heart of Spain, which he already sees as one of the Family.

The one who was seen with a full face, after one of the most complicated victories of his journey as coach, was Scariolo. «We are where few thought we could be, but we are. With merit, having earned it and now to rest, and to continue. Because it’s a fairy tale and we don’t want to finish it ourselves because we don’t do our best to keep it going.”

The coach highlighted the character of the team, which did not “tremble” when things got worse. “Even in extra time, we took advantage, they approached us and we pressed again, to fight, without losing faith in ourselves. People talk about the adjustments of the trainers, but You have to give credit to the hearts of these playersthis is great, it is a pride, we have worked during the year, for many years to make these boys grow with the correct values, with the correct way of competing, of being together, of welcoming those who enter the group ».



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