WATCH: England and Germany wave off Nations League with spectacle | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

For a long time it was an impossible task for England: to score a field goal in the Nations League.

It didn’t look good for the English against Germany either. There was no scoring in the first half. Fortunately for the home team, Germany also had a hard time finding their way to goal.

Until the second half. The match exploded when Maguire tapped Musiala. Gundogan converted the penalty flawlessly. Kai Havertz painted the double lead on the scoreboard fifteen minutes later.

Another blow for England, which could not yet win in group 3. Luke Shaw resuscitated his team with the connecting goal. Immediately afterwards, Mason Mount unexpectedly equalized.

When Harry Kane also scored a penalty, the euphoria in Wembley was palpable. But an old saying goes that you are never done with the Germans: Havertz did not give England the victory.

A spectacular match – without commitment and without a winner – is the final agreement of both teams in the Nations League.



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