Vitality present at the European Valorant League

The French team will participate in the Valorant Championship Tour, one of the biggest competitions in the game.

Team Vitality, the N.1 esports team in France, announced on Wednesday its participation in the Valorant Championship Tour, a league made up of the European elite of the famous multiplayer shooter from publisher Riot Games.

“It is with great pride that Team Vitality announces its selection to participate in the Valorant Championship Tour. This all-new format will see 10 teams compete across Europe in a closed league, starting in 2023,” the French giants said in a statement. This European league will start at the end of March. Vitality created its professional team on the Valorant game in February 2021 and won the title of French champion last July.

“Our road to Valorant has so far been successful (…) we are extremely proud to be able to continue our journey with the Valorant Championship Tour in 2023”, explained Fabien “Neo” Devide, co-founder and esports director. from Team Vitality. In addition to Vitality, the French team Karmine Corp also announced on Twitter that it would be part of this closed league, managed by the publisher Riot Games, already at the origin of the esports phenomenon League Of Legends.

Released in 2020, the shooting video game Valorant sees two teams of 5 compete to plant a bomb or defuse it, a recipe similar to that which made the success of Counter Strike, a flagship esports game for the past twenty years. ‘years.



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