Vinícius denounces racism against his way of celebrating goals

BarcelonaVinícius Júnior is the main protagonist of the hours before the Madrid derby that will be played this Sunday (9 p.m., Movistar LaLiga) at the Metropolitano stadium. And not for sporting reasons, but to be at the center of a controversy that arises from his way of celebrating goals, which some rivals consider to be a provocation and which some spaces believe is a reason to dedicate racist insults. Following the latest case, Real Madrid issued a statement on Friday to defend the Brazilian winger from the “regrettable and unfortunate comments” he has received in recent hours and condemned “all types of racist and xenophobic expressions and behaviour”.

One of the comments occurred on the television show The beach bar. One of the collaborators of the show directed by Josep Pedrerol criticized the celebrations of Vinícius and urged him to “stop playing the monkey”. “If you want to dance, you go to Brazil. Here what you have to do is respect your colleagues,” said Pedro Bravo, host of the program, who is exposed to possible legal measures from Madrid against him. “The club has given instructions to its legal services to take action against anyone who uses racist expressions towards our players”, announced the Madrid entity, which gives a warning when there are only a few hours left for Carlo Ancelotti’s team to visit the Atlético de Madrid.

A few days ago, the mattress captain, Koke Resurrección, predicted that if Vinícius dances in the event of scoring at the Metropolitano “there would be chaos” due to the public’s reaction. Far from backing down, the Madrid striker published a video on the networks on Friday to defend his way of living football: “I will not stop dancing. They say that happiness disturbs. The happiness of a black Brazilian victorious in Europe bothers much more. My dances are criminalized and they are not mine. They are by Ronaldinho, Neymar, Paquetá, Griezmann, Joao Félix, Matheus Cunha… They are dances to celebrate the diversity that exists in the world.” Likewise, Vinícius said that “as long as the color of the skin is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war.”

Massive support from compatriots

The Madrid player received public support from important figures in his country. “Dance,” Neymar wrote on his Twitter. For his part, Pelé affirmed: “Football is joy, a dance, a real party. Although racism exists, we will not allow it to deprive us of continuing to smile.” Harder was Dani Alves, who described as “idiots” those who think that dancing “is a problem”. “The real problem is that Europe is full of racists who do not accept that other nationalities stand out in their country more than themselves,” concluded the former Barça winger. Another ex-Blaugrana player, Romário, joined the wave of support towards Vinícius: “Keep dancing! Keep celebrating the happiness that touches your heart.”


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