Vilda: «Responsible? Yes Guilty? I doubt it”

TAB jorge-vilda-feminine-selection Chronicle 4 A month ago, Jorge Vilda was clear: he would gather for the Spanish team the players who wanted to “row in the same direction and are one hundred percent committed.” And so he has signed it with a list of 23 names for the two friendly matches in preparation for the World Cup, Sweden and the United States, and in which he leaves out the 15 who signed the letter stating that they did not agree with Vilda’s way of working and the coaching staff that accompanies him. Surrounded by other coaches such as Luis de la Fuente and Julen Guerrero, the man from Madrid faced the press conference with a few words beforehand: “I don’t wish what I’m going through these days on anyone. I am very hurt and this is ridiculous on a world level, when we should be extremely proud of our team. Women’s football is being hurt. And then the personal smear campaign. Given what happened, the solution is this list and look ahead. Players who are convinced of the way of working, of what they are going to tell them in training. The players have been trained, they have all reached the absolute ». Before starting the question time, Vilda also indicated: «I have not received precise information about the changes that they need. Let them explain. Let them express themselves. Due to the lack of clarity of the players, it has been possible to slip certain doubts and the fan has been opened that there is something extra-sports that is happening. And I appeal to all the players that I have trained in my career: if there is a treatment that has not been exquisite, from here I challenge anyone to come out and say that there has been no respect and that there has been some fault with them in my behavior throughout my career. The stone has been thrown and the hand has been hidden. The 15 players slipped that there is discomfort with the way of preparing the matches, to which Vilda pointed out: “There has been talk of professionalism and many things. This is the preparation I wanted for this World Cup and right now these 15 players have sent this email, I don’t know if it was to put more pressure. I don’t know what these players want. I would have liked them to come out and speak clearly. And especially me, in person. I’m sure we wouldn’t be in this situation. All the training sessions are recorded, I would be delighted if they were shown live, they come from many countries to see them. And I only ask that you have the utmost respect for those who have come to this call. Related News Standard women’s football Yes The poisoned list of Jorge Vilda Sergi Font The women’s coach today facilitates a call to which 15 players have already resigned, who continue without openly clarifying the reasons for the disagreement Vilda “at no time” did she consider resigning or The players have asked for it, she reiterated, and appealed to the results and the energy she has to continue on this path. “It would be unfair to remove me from the middle. What comes down is wonderful, what we had looked very good, we have worked hard to have a selection that had everyone speechless and I know what we are going to achieve, “he said before assuring that no hypothesis is raised : « For me the solution is the 23 that are called and looking forward: four dates and a World Cup, which is the most a player can aspire to. I have the strength to create a new team that will compete.” Neither Jennifer Hermoso nor Irene Paredes signed the statement, but they do not appear on this last list, however, Vilda did not want to talk about them and reiterated his commitment to the “23 who are here.” “And yes, I have received calls from players who are delighted to play with the national team.” With regard to Salma Pallaruelo, that Barcelona has indicated that he has an injury and that he could be dropped despite being on Vilda’s list, he reiterated that the usual channels will be followed. If he goes to Las Rozas and the medical service indicates that he is not ready to play, he will not be in those next two games. Desktop Code 🔁 𝗢𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 I Changes in the @SEFutbolFem call for duels against Sweden and the United States. 🔼 𝗔𝗹𝘁𝗮𝘀: Andrea Sánchez Falcón and Lucía Rodríguez. 🔽 𝗕𝗮𝗷𝗮𝘀: Salma Paralluelo and Sheila García. 🔗— Spanish Women’s Soccer Team (@SEFutbolFem) September 30, 2022 Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code 🔁 𝗢𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 the @SEFutbolFem for the duels against Sweden and the United States. 🔼 𝗔𝗹𝘁𝗮𝘀: Andrea Sánchez Falcón and Lucía Rodríguez. 🔽 𝗕𝗮𝗷𝗮𝘀: Salma Paralluelo and Sheila García. 🔗— Spanish Women’s Soccer Team (@SEFutbolFem) September 30, 2022 AMP Code 🔁 𝗢𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 I Changes in the @SEFutbolFem call for duels against Sweden and the United States. 🔼 𝗔𝗹𝘁𝗮𝘀: Andrea Sánchez Falcón and Lucía Rodríguez. 🔽 𝗕𝗮𝗷𝗮𝘀: Salma Paralluelo and Sheila García. 🔗— Spanish Women’s Soccer Team (@SEFutbolFem) September 30, 2022 APP code 🔁 𝗢𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 I Changes in the @SEFutbolFem call for duels against Sweden and the United States. 🔼 𝗔𝗹𝘁𝗮𝘀: Andrea Sánchez Falcón and Lucía Rodríguez. 🔽 𝗕𝗮𝗷𝗮𝘀: Salma Paralluelo and Sheila García. 🔗— Spanish Women’s Soccer Team (@SEFutbolFem) September 30, 2022 On another of the criticisms that are poured on him, the coach defended himself: « I have been accused of lack of self-criticism. And I have always said that we are at a very high level, at the forefront in terms of materials and technology and we are always renewing ourselves. But of course we always want to be better. We are the most demanding with ourselves. We want to improve ourselves and the players. Regarding the methodology, we receive visits from different countries to see how it is. With her, the successes of the lower categories and also of the absolute one have been achieved, ”Vilda continued about those alleged criticisms for lack of commitment and technical direction in training and in matches. «I ask for calm, because this is a young sport. Seven years ago I was nineteenth in the FIFA ranking, you have to have a bit of memory. And in that process of being able to compete against the best, in this European Championship we have not been worse than anyone else: we have lost two games: France and England. Since I’ve been here there have been 90 games and we’ve only lost 15.” He took responsibility for the team’s mistakes, citing criticism of his trade decisions against the United States, but also shot wide. “I’m the guilty? I doubt it. The players have to reflect and we all have to accept the mistakes. I also take my share of the blame for putting some players and not others. Maximum responsible, yes; the only culprit, no. And if they apologize, would they come back? «That can be a beginning to return to what was in the past. Can be. It is what the federation has communicated and I am with what the federation says. If there had been a dialogue, I think we would have reacted and we would not be in this situation. With this phrase he settled the question that was asked to him, on two occasions, about whether these fifteen already have their place in the World Cup closed and if they are ready with a sufficient level to go to the tournament. He did not want to enter into the Barcelona-Real Madrid dichotomy, although most of those who appear in those statements are from the Barça team and on his list to play against Sweden and the United States there are eight members of the white team. “We are talking about 15 or 16, the ones that have spoken. Very young people, still in formative ages who I think are not well advised to join this. As for the atmosphere that has been created by this situation, we will see it on Monday. We want to recreate an atmosphere of harmony, sportsmanship and family in the last six years. They all came delighted, eager, proud and excited to wear this shirt. And that is what has happened, even in the European Championship, in the 15 days of Las Rozas before giving the list of 23, and Hermoso and Putellas were injured. And from the moment we decide on those 23, things change. I can not explain”. Another of the situations that has slipped is the supposed control in the concentrations, of which Vilda explained: «In the concentrations there must be order and discipline and they are free to go out without going further, they have free afternoons, thanks to the support of the federation there is a sports psychologist. In case there’s any sense of what you’re saying. Above all so that they are understood. Marta Torrejón, who was a fixture in the national team until a few years ago, had indicated that going to the national team was “wasting ten days of her life”, Vilda replied that “if that’s the feeling, you don’t deserve to be in the national team”. There are two matches at El Sadar and at El Arcángel for which Vilda asked the public to come, although she left it up to the stands to decide what her response to him might be in this situation. You are with the Real Madrid squad: María Isabel Rodríguez Rivero Misa, Athenea del Castillo, Ivana Andrés, Rocío Gálvez, Olga Carmona, Teresa Abelleira, Maite Oroz, Esther González and Claudia Zornoza Atlético de Madrid: Sheila García, Martha Cardona, Irene Guerrero and Maitane López Barcelona: Sara Pallaruelo, Nuria Rábano Athletic Club: Sun Quiñones, Ane Azcona and Oihane Hernández Levante: María Menéndez, Alba Redondo Real Sociedad: Ana Tejada Valencia: Enith Salon, Anna Torroda



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