Uni, short of cash and still without filming, passes the first exam

Laura Cornelius watched from the bench. From time to time, he would let out a shout of encouragement. Applause everywhere and she was the first to raise her hand when a colleague was replaced. The procession went inside. The debut with the Spar Girona shirt had not been as expected. The spotlight of the top competition will not shine for a few days, because the pre-season has just started, but visiting Tordera served, among many other things, to see the Dutch in action, one of the new faces of the summer and in charge of replacing Laia Palau. Cornelius only lasted a few minutes on the court. He opened the scoring with a triple and suddenly disappeared. Some quadriceps problems forced him to rest and watch the entire duel from the background. He couldn’t finish a more even first quarter than expected, and didn’t get out any further, when Uni pressed the accelerator and passed the first preparatory exam.

A match that helps to obtain the first conclusions. The least relevant, perhaps, is the 46-81 final. It was already expected that the quality and experience of a team would prevail, Spar Girona, which competes a few categories above CEEB Tordera, all heart and will, but with much less talent and curriculum. Yesterday’s appointment confirms that the staff is very short. Gardner and Tolo, with other commitments, will arrive later. Mendy, pregnant, is no longer expected. And offices belch smoke, all looking to complete the puzzle. Two signings were due to debut yesterday. Cornelius only lasted a few minutes, slowing down the rotation. Irati Etxarri showed much more. He scored 10 of his team’s 81 points and had quite a role.

“We’ve felt heavy,” said Bernat Canut, who was also making his debut. First match for the coach, satisfied with what he has seen these days, but aware that it is necessary to fatten the squad and above all, to hang bravely. “We are still very far from what we want to be”. Inaccuracies and physical wear and tear, common elements for these dates, conditioned the duel. Losses, passes to no one, baskets that didn’t go in despite having everything in their favor… The 18-22 that closed the first quarter excited the fans, who filled the pavilion. An unexpected start, until everything fell into place. Araújo, who wants to be the one before the injury, climbed up to 19 points. 18 were scored by Drammeh, who was everywhere. The intensity was set by Laia Flores, who was given a rest by Faustine Parra quite successfully. Both scored 10 points each. When logic prevailed, the differences widened. 22-43 at halftime, to take a 37-point lead (34-71) just before the end of the third period.

With very few cash, Canut needed a helping hand from the base. Aina Cargol, Claudia Acín and Marina Melero had minutes. Indispensable, for now, considering the scenario. With the victory in the sack, the first week is completed and the inaugural exam passed. But there is a lot of work. From Wednesday to Saturday, stay in Camprodon, with friendly included. A new opportunity to keep improving.



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