Two Nivernais on the Strong Men podium

Guérigny. Two Nivernais on the Strong Men podium.

Twelve strong men clashed on Saturday, on the Place Jean-Jaurès, for the 3 e Grand Prix des Forges, organized by the judo section of Asgu.

Certainly all of them strong, with different physique, but who would easily find a place in a rugby pack…

The first of them, Benoît Pariost, from Ozenay (Saône-et-Loire), is none other than the 2022 winner of the strongest man in the Morvan, traditionally organized in Étang-sur-Arroux. This skinny 26-year-old athlete (1.83 m for 104 kg) also won in Guérigny, winning three of the six events concocted by Ulric Faudin.

Heavy loads don’t scare him: “I train both in the weight room, with a coach, but also on a daily basis in my job, where I take care of agricultural machinery! “.

Behind him, and for only a small point (the price of his consistency) comes a Donzy veteran (42 years old, 1.78 m, 120 kg), from Polynesia, whose strength (he finished third at Étang-sur- Arroux) is matched only by his good humor. For Nicodème Toa, a temporary worker who handles barrels daily and who has set up his own weight room, “athletic strength is above all a great opportunity to have fun with friends! “. The podium is completed by Ugo Masarotti, from Fourchambault.

Force locale. It should be noted that Allan Fayet, from Guérigne, got off to a good start by winning the first three events, finally ended up in fourth place, the fault of an injury to his Achilles tendon during the competition (the same ranking for him as to the strongest man in the Morvan). Playing at home and endowed, like all his comrades, with a mind of steel, he had nevertheless prepared himself, with a dozen hours of bodybuilding per week, in addition to his job as a roofer.



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