Tribute match Freddy Rincón Colombian National Team with Faustino Asprilla and Carlos Valderrama | football curiosities

the departure of Freddy Rincon A few months ago, he left a deep wound in the world of football. Colombia and the world mourned the loss of an idol, remembered for his time in big clubs in America and Europe, even appearing in Real Madrid.

The accident that occurred in Cali, in mid-April, generated controversy in the midst of the investigation. Colombian soccer figures and condolences from various parts of the world arrived at his wake.

Now, with time passing, a tribute will be made to the remembered ‘Colossus’ of Buenaventura, to honor his life and career, which contributed so much to Colombian soccer. This was announced by Faustino Asprilla, in an interview with Blu Radio, on the Sports Blog program.

The former player of the Colombian National Team spoke about the tribute match to Rincón “Everything is going well, everything is organized so that people can enjoy a nice match with all of Freddy’s friends, the beauty of this is that everyone said yes. What better month than to recognize Freddy for such a beautiful friendship, to always remember him, which will be eternal.

He added about the confirmation of former players and members of the soccer world “It is at 3 pm this Friday at the Doce de Octubre stadium, admission is free. Everyone who could come, ‘Pibe’ said yes: Harold Lozano, ‘Niche’ Guerrero, Bendito Fajardo, Alexis García, Giovanni Hernández, ‘Totono’ Grisales, Neider Morantes, too. Suddenly Teófilo Gutiérrez”.

He concluded with the friendship he had with Rincón, in his years as players and after his retirement “Hopefully it can be done every year and remember Freddy. He was a great friend, for me he was a brother, I miss him a lot because he was attentive to me, to my things. He always went around my house, he dressed like a ruana. I miss him so much, the calls from him, chatting with him.”



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