“Tomorrow Sport”: concussions require increased vigilance

As part of the “Demain le sport” festival at the Maison de la radio et de la Musique, this Thursday in Paris, Jean-François Chermann, neurologist and leading specialist in concussion in athletes, Axel Clerget, Olympic judo champion by teams in Tokyo in 2021, and Emmanuel Orhant, medical director of the French football federation, met for a round table entitled “Sport, attention danger? “.

The central subject revolved around the concussions suffered by athletes, whether in collective sport, in combat sport or in a leisure practice. Professor Chermann spoke about his approach to the treatment of concussions, from the follow-up of his first high-level athlete, rugby player Christophe Dominici in 2005, the protocols put in place, the learning to be carried out in the clubs.

Axel Clerget testified in particular to his personal experience in this area, detailing the concrete effects on his health following a concussion, the importance of managing his training in relation to the blows received, etc.

Emmanuel Ohrant insisted on the general awareness, and the evolution of the protocols, in particular by the analysis of the injuries which occurred in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, as well as at the international level, with the protocols adopted by the European authorities ( UEFA) and worldwide (FIFA).



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