Titans tames Tigrillos without disheveled

They will be protagonists again. The Barranquilla Titans were born to win, to dominate, to celebrate. The team that has won six consecutive titles did not betray its winning DNA and without disheveled won the Tigrillos de Antioquia 97-52, this Saturday night at the Elías Chegwin Coliseum, in the capital of Atlántico, at the start of the Professional League of Basketball 2022 II.

Faced with an acceptable attendance on the 72nd street stage, the six-time champions, led by Tomás Díaz, mercilessly destroyed the feline paisas with a well-tuned collective game and a high individual level.

The local made the quality and experience of its members feel and quickly began to overwhelm the young opposing team.

Such was the difference that Titanes made in the game, that the last two quarters were practically played with their emerging and younger players like Orlando Palma, from Barranquilla, who converted six points.

Cartagena’s Tony Trocha, with 17 points and nine rebounds, was the player with the best numbers in the duel. Soren De Luque, with 15 points; the Argentine Selem Safar, with 14; and the Puerto Rican Jhonatan Rodríguez, with 13, among others, also stood out.

Juan Salcedo, with 15 points and six rebounds, was the most outstanding basketball player in the visiting team.

The clash will be repeated this Sunday, on the same stage, starting at 6 pm



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