Tickle! Before sacking, Todd Boehly asked Thomas Tuchel to play ‘4-4-3’ formation at Chelsea

Unbelieveable! It was revealed that shortly before the sacking, Boehly asked Tuchel to change Chelsea’s formation to ‘4-4-3’. YES, YOU DON’T READ WRONG, 4-4-3!

A few days before Thomas Tuchel was sacked, there was an important meeting between new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly, Behdad Eghbali and the coach.

The Athletic leaked that the meeting was apparently in order to urge Tuchel to change Chelsea’s playing tactics. Boehly asked Tuchel to change Chelsea’s formation to ‘4-4-3’. Yes, you read correctly, ‘4-4-3’.

Hearing that Boehly request, as expressed The AthleticTuchel immediately pulled out of meeting that, and left a negative impression on the owner new. Shortly after that moment, Tuchel was sacked.

Later, claim The Athletic it was denied by Chelsea. However, Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand understands, what Boehly did to The Blues already in the “outrageous” stage.

Ferdinand explained, since the American businessman acquired Stamford Bridge, Tuchel has been heavily intervened by him.

“Too much interference,” Ferdinand insisted on the Youtube channel Vibe with FIVE.

“From what I hear, the owners of this club are too focused on tactical and technical matters, which should be left to a manager,” continued Ferdinand.

On Boehly wanting Chelsea to play with a ‘4-4-3’, Ferdinand responded: “That’s a story that reaches me too.”

“I heard the news, the Chelsea owners are trying to influence the selection of players and when you get to that point you start to understand why a manager has some pushes.”

“Tuchel, with his personality and character, obviously won’t accept that. Some might stick with the new owners, but Tuchel doesn’t. Why let him have the money? [untuk belanja di bursa transfer] if you knew you’d finally get rid of him?” Ferdinand said.



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