Tickets University of Chile vs. Coquimbo Unido – PlanVital Championship 2022 – Date 24 Elias Figueroa Stadium

How to redeem/purchase tickets?

Season ticket holders and people who wish to have the option of exchanging tickets or buying tickets for the match against Coquimbo Unido, to be played on Wednesday the 7th at the Elías Figueroa Stadium in Valparaíso, must meet the following requirements:

  • Each person must have the Valid Mobility Pass (complete vaccination), which you will have to load on the Punto Ticket website in advance and in PDF format (the vaccination card does not work). This document must also be presented at the entrance to the sports venue.
  • Each person must complete on the Punto Ticket platform the Simple Affidavit with the required information.

Each titular Subscriber and additional registered Subscribers who meet the requirements and manage to advance in the process, will have the right to exchange tickets (one per Rut). Only people registered as individualized additional subscribers may use these seats, provided they also meet the requirements described above. It is important to remember that all subscriptions came into effect from the beginning of March.

Exchange subscribers with Guest card: All subscribers who have a guest card can make the respective exchange through the Punto Ticket page in the following way: the holder must enter the Punto Ticket page with their username and individualize their guests, attaching the mobility pass of this people.

Additional or assigned guests are validated directly by the subscriber from his Punto Ticket user.

Despite not having the locality in the National Stadiumthe locations of each subscriber in the Elías Figueroa Brander Stadium will be homologated (Gallery, Andes and Marquee).

South Gallery: North and South Gallery subscribers.
Andes: Andes subscribers, – Lateral Pacific subscribers (Gate 10).
Marquee: Marquee Subscribers – Outside Marquee Subscribers.

While the health authority does not provide otherwise, and having met the above requirements, only season ticket holders and fans with a Mobility Pass will be able to exchange/buy tickets according to the procedure provided by Punto Ticket, which you can access by previously accepting these Terms and Conditions in the system.

Consequently, from the above, in addition, Only minors who have a valid ticket and a responsible adult who has a ticket and a mobility pass will be allowed to enter. All minors must exchange or purchase tickets because their quota counts in the total capacity (there will be no sale or exchange of tickets for children).

Redemption/purchase of tickets

  • The first 24 hours will be exclusively for the exchange of Subscribers without any type of blocking.
  • Once the above process has elapsed, the sale of tickets will be enabled, regardless of whether the subscribed fan will be able to continue exchanging tickets until stock is exhausted, subject to compliance with the established requirements and acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Subscribers who have a Company card must request their allocation by mail to:, indicating the full name of the beneficiary, Rut and subscription sector. In addition, you must indicate the data of the holder on whom these subscriptions depend. Those who have transferable Cards, the person identified in said card must make the exchange and may change the name and Rut assigning it to another if it deems it convenient.

Once the tickets have been exchanged and/or purchased, the people who attend the sports venues must strictly comply with the following protocols and complementary measures.

  1. Show up at the sports venue with an Identity Card, as the only valid document, in addition to the Mobility Pass.
  2. Keep the mask on at all times while you are in the enclosure.
  3. Do not make changes of location within the enclosure (for traceability purposes).
  4. Maintain social distancing at all times.

Due to capacity considerations and the ticket redemption/purchase process, it is impossible to guarantee that each person will be able to obtain a ticket.

Only season ticket holders and fans of Club Universidad de Chile will be able to enter this match. Tickets for the visiting team’s public are not considered and people who attend with shirts or any element that is not from the local team will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the subscribers declare to know and accept the special circumstances of exchange and sale of ticketreleasing Club Universidad de Chile from all responsibility in the event of not achieving the exchange objective.

Similarly, all conditions and established processes will be subject to possible modifications according to the evaluations that our Club carries out after each home game.



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