This will be the spectacular hole 1 of the Solheim Cup at Finca Cortesín

Hole 1 of Finca Cortesín for the Solheim Cup 2023

The atmosphere that is lived in hole 1 of the Solheim Cup it is something that is unmatched by any other golf tournament. The atmosphere and the decibels created by the two hobbies -European and American- with songs, music and colours, mean that, at that moment, the show moves to the stands.

For this reason, the three parties involved in the organization of the event, Ladies European Tour, Deporte & Business y Finca Cortesinagreed that hole 1 of the Solheim Cup 2023 It had to be a place where not only a large number of spectators could gather, but at the same time it would be a challenge for the golfers and a show like no other.

And that place existed, but it was not the original hole 1 of the course, but hole 4, so those responsible for Finca Cortesincon Vincent Rubioits CEO at the head, got down to work to carry out the necessary changes.

In this way, the new hole 1 of the Solheim Cup 2023 it is now a par 4 of 256 metres, with a large lake on the left side that reaches the entrance to the green, a narrow and well-protected fairway, and a wide but bumpy green.

“It is a success to have made this change. The characteristics of the new hole 1 for the Solheim Cup 2023 They will allow us to place more than a thousand people in the stands on the tee, which will create a great atmosphere. I think it is the precise and perfect hole to start a Solheim Cup”, he pointed out. Vincent Rubio.

“This hole is, as they say in golf jargon, a hole of risk and reward, since players can try to reach the green in one shot or play more conservatively. The design of the hole and the great difference in height between the tee and the green will make it quite a spectacle, and I have no doubt that it will be a success », he concluded.

Who has already been able to play this hole has been Suzanne Pettersenthe European captain, who with nine participations in the Solheim Cupknows all too well what it feels like when a player prepares to tee off.

«The sensations that are experienced have nothing to do with other moments that can be experienced in golf, such as leading a big one, because in this tournament you not only play for yourself, you do it for your teammates, for your team… You put all your heart in it and you want to give your best. That first tee of the Solheim Cup It’s all adrenaline and energy,” he confessed. Pettersen.

Stacey Lewisthe American captain, has also had the opportunity to check the characteristics of the new hole 1 of Finca Cortesin and did not hesitate to praise his choice: «I think we have never had a hole 1 like this in the Solheim Cup. You can get to the green but the water comes into play a lot”»

Likewise, Lewis He also highlighted the shape of the tee of this hole, since “it is like an amphitheater, the stands will be up high, practically above you, which will make the public feel very close. Without a doubt, it is a great hole for the Solheim Cup«, he finished.



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