“There is so much to save. And now let’s avoid distributing blame “


Cantù and the GM Santoro after the defeat in the Super Cup: “As long as the foreigners held up there were good things, but we will have to change our attitude with the referees”

“It’s not all to be thrown away.” He needs a coffee – just because the return from Forlì was at 4 in the morning – Alessandro Santoro before dwelling on the themes of the defeat of Acqua S. Bernardo in the Super Cup semifinal against Vanoli Cremona.

Cantù’s general manager is calm, also because he knows where to put his hands. Starting from some certainties. «We did not lose the Champions League final – he says -. This is a pre-season tournament and the pre-season, from what world and world, is used to test situations and see the degree of form, to understand who is ahead and who is less. Carrying with him the ailments and unforeseen events of a moment of the season in which you work hard ».

No trials, therefore, for a missed goal. But awareness – as Santoro points out – «to maintain tranquility and serenity. In every great season, we know, the time comes to take responsibility, while avoiding being there to distribute the blame. With the sacrifice and passion that this club and this square have shown, especially in recent months, we will be able to take great satisfaction. Let’s think about the positive things then. That there are ».

And there were also some in the defeat in the Final Four. “I agree with Sacchetti’s analysis – he continues – because we played the best first half in our pre-season and as long as our two foreigners held up there were also many encouraging signs, taking into account Nikolic’s recovery in extremis and his absence. by Stefanelli ».

“Three quarters very well”

Precisely that, most of all, seems to have weighed on the economy of the race. The sudden stop, in the warm-up, in addition to having shortened the rotations, took away one of the safe terminals from the scene, and consequently a good handful of points.

«All true – assures the GM – but we must not think about giving up just because someone is missing. This team has the structure to make up for absences. He must and can do it, as demonstrated for almost three quarters of the match against Cremona, in which we were very good at limiting Lacey and Cannon, their two foreigners. In numbers, the difference, if you think about it, lies in the 24 points of Denegri, who is an excellent player, we had already seen him last year in the playoffs against Ravenna, and who produced the maximum in this match ».

The same, however, with Stefanelli and Berdini could have been another music. «Francesco – says the general manager – we know him and we know what good he can give us. Nicola, also because of his freshness and precisely because he can also play alongside Rogic and not only as an alternative, would certainly have lengthened the strength of our playmaker ».

If it had been all roses, however, Cantù probably would not have lost 77-60. There was more than one gap, especially in the defensive attitude, and some empty passes weighed, like that of Captain Da Ros, for example. «I repeat, let’s try to take responsibility without distributing blame. It is not like me and I will not – explains Santoro -. Since you ask me, I can tell you that with great balance and clarity one of the problems that we will try to solve from now to the beginning of the championship is to understand what Da Ros can and must do for the team, as well as what the team can do. for him, which is undeniably one of the strengths. But it is not “the” problem ».

Among these, and the match against Cremona highlighted this, there is certainly a relationship that is not always serene with the referees. «Another focal point – says the GM – and on which we need to make a careful reflection. When the fatigue begins to mount, it is often usual to find situations that justify mistakes. And we begin to argue with the referees, as happened to us. An attitude that must never be repeated, and with the team I was very clear and very firm. Only Sacchetti talks with the trio, the players think they are doing their job in the best possible way, avoiding distracting nervous and physical energies ».

“There is nothing to worry about”

Ultimately, is there to worry? «No – the gloss – but there are things that are wrong to correct and to know that in this category no one has ever won easy or dominating the opponent and the season. Never. The important thing is to win. How it is done or how it arrives, then, eventually is a matter of discussion a posteriori ».




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