the world premiere of the documentary at the PalaDozza –

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The evening event will be on October 4th. Presented by Belinelli, Mancinelli and Zandalasini. Free admission, with 1,000 seats available

It could only be the PalaDozza, the basketball temple par excellence, to frame what will be an evening event dedicated to the relationship between Bologna and the ball in wedges. A relationship that for the first time is told by an unpublished director: the NBA.

The goal is overturned and for the first time it is the legendary American league that points its gaze towards the Old Continent, with the eight-part docuseries “Hoop Cities” which will bring spectators to the main European basketball cities. There are Belgrade, Cologne and Leverkusen, Istanbul, Kaunas, Paris, Seville and Thessaloniki. And obviously a bet on Bologna could not be missing.

The 40-minute journey between the walls and the pitches of Bologna describes the historic rivalry between Virtus and Fortitudo, the talents who took off from here to the USA, the tradition of the playground and some pearls “from below” such as the Air Jordan collection by Marco Evangelisti.

“In view of the official launch of the docuseries, the NBA Europe asked us to organize the screening of the world premiere, and since the restoration works of the PalaDozza have just finished, we thought together with Bologna Welcome to organize a party to celebrate the same time the great Bolognese basketball family and the reopening of what for everyone is a temple of basketball tells Mattia Santoridelegate of the Municipality for tourism and major sporting events.

The presentation of the evening is entrusted to those who have lived in basketball city and are still the protagonists, with the two friends / opponents Marco Belinelli and Stefano Mancinelli to tell and joke about the eternal challenge Virtus and Fortitudo, the captain Cecilia Zandalasini to represent the latest big news of the Bolognese basketball scene, together with them Walter Fuochi, historical memory of the Bolognese basketball. Leading the evening will be Chicco Giuliani, presenter of Radio Deejay, born in Bologna who has never hidden his biancoblu faith. It will also be present Raffaele Ferraro (La Giornata Tipo) who, together with the NBA, took care of the contents and the making of the documentary.

The evening, organized by NBA Europe and Bologna Welcome in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, the Italian Basketball Federation and the Basketball Museum (MuBIt), will have free admission, up to a maximum of 1,000 seats.

Tickets can be booked (maximum 2 tickets per booking) on ​​the PalaDozza website at the following link:



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