the venue and dates of the 2022 President’s Cup – OA Sport have been decided

While the international shooting and target shooting season still has a lot, a lot to say, given the upcoming World Championships in Osijek, for the trap and skeet specialists, and those from Cairo, for the interpreters of the pistol and rifle competitions, the International Shooting Sport Federation has announced the venue and dates of the President’s Cup 2022.

What they once were were named as the “World Cup Finals” will be held in Cairo (Egypt) for both disciplines.

The event will take place from Monday 28th November to Sunday 4th December and will be accessible only to the best twelve shooters of each single event and ranking with Olympic classification.

Archery, Italian National Olympic team in meeting in Cantalupa in view of Paris 2024

At the moment the agenda of the event is not yet established, but the ISSF has formalized that the prize money will be managed, in its amount, by the president of the International Federation itself. Furthermore, President’s Cup winners will receive the Golden Target, as well as the “Best Athlete of the Year” award.

Photo: FITAV



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