the star Luka Doncic launched his virtual double on the Tik Tok social network to play with his fans –

He is one of the stars of his sport. An icon and an example for many children and teenagers despite his young age (23 years). The Slovenian basketball player Luka Doncic, star of the NBA, launched this week on Tiktok his double virtual, an avatar developed by the American video games company Epic Games, to interact more easily with his fans.

The virtual version of the Slovenia international, nicknamed Luk. AI, was created with Unreal Engine 5 technology to allow the player to reinforce his presence on the Tiktok social network.

This metahuman version of the Dallas Mavericks basketball player has invested in his personal account and will be able to create videos, play and chat with his subscribers. His artificial intelligence and physical abilities improve as he interacts with the player’s fans. “Enthusiasm for this project. Thank you to all the amazing engineers, artists and partners who brought Luk to life. AI”, a comment on Slovenian on his Instagram account.

In addition to his physical appearance, Luk. I also replicates Doncic’s clothing, as the symbolizes the pair of Jordan Luka 1 worn by the metahuman and created specially in honor of the basketball player, the real headliner of the last Olympic Games where he dazzled with his talent in the eyes of the general public.

“He is the best player in the world, NBA and FIBA ​​combined”, said of him, last year, traumatized by the construction site left by the Dallas player, the Argentine coach Sergio Hernandez. Recruited at the age of 13 in his native country by Real Madrid, who has a flair for the phenomenon, the Slovene and has risen with the turbo to all levels of the basket pro.

European champion with the selection in 2017, then winner and MVP of the following year with Real. In 19 years, Europe is already too small for the ambitions of the one who is drafted by the Texas franchise in 2018. Just two weeks ago, he beat the France team (then vice-champion) almost single-handedly at the Eurobasket.



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