The rector of Pachuca arrives in Asturias to promote her model in Oviedo

Gabriela Murguía, this morning with Bolo and Martín Peláez

Gabriela Murguía, the rector of the University of Pachuca and general director of the Mexican group that owns Oviedo, is in Asturias to see first-hand how the blue club works and thus be able to promote the social model of the Aztecs. Murguía is also the wife of Jesús Martínez, the owner of Oviedo. The Mexican was this morning at El Requexón, where she met the members of the squad and chatted with the coach, Jon Pérez Bolo. Murguía was accompanied by Martín Peláez, president of Oviedo.

Murguía’s visit is part of Oviedo’s challenge of building ties with the University of Oviedo. In fact, both institutions have already taken the first steps as soon as the change of ownership of the club was known. Pachuca attaches great importance to the social and academic section, since in Mexico they have their own University attached to the sports residence.


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