“The Nets signed him to inspire respect in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving”

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have generated quite a drama this summer, on the side of brooklyn. So that this does not happen again, the franchise would have recruited a player in particular, who is used to evolving alongside superstars and who does not hesitate to give voice.

We could expect the worst during the offseason, at the Nets. Between Kyrie Irving who demanded a big contract and Kevin Durant who announced that he wanted to leave as soon as free agency opened, it was two pillars of Steve Nash’s roster who almost set sail. In the end, however, the two superstars are still there and the squad seems even stronger than last year. While waiting for the file of its figureheads to find a resolution, the franchise has thus done the shopping.

For example, she was able to draw Royce O’Neal and TJ Warren into her nets, allowing her to build a very solid rotation on the wings. In the same register, it is Markieff Morris who signed with the Blacks and Whites, after an unsuccessful year at the Heat. The latter is aiming for a second career ring at 33, and he agreed to join them with a pittance. Insider Marc Stein has just made some revelations about the contract he signed:

Markieff Morris’ one-year, $2.9 million contract with the Nets is indeed an unsecured contract. According to consultant Keith Smith, Morris will get $500,000 if he makes the Nets roster on opening night, with that amount rising to $1 million guaranteed if he’s still with the Nets on Dec. 10 and a full guarantee if Morris stays in the squad beyond January 10.

In others, Brooklyn managed to afford the services of a confirmed veteran and NBA champion in 2019-20, while not drawing too much on its financial resources. A nice deal, but the arrival of Morris actually goes much further than that. It was the high authorities of the franchise in person who insisted that the former Purple and Gold sign. Why is that ? According to Stein, it would be for him to stand up to two top players on the roster:

Markieff Morris personally recruited by Nets owner

It should be noted that the Nets considered signing Morris important enough that Nets owner Joe Tsai personally recruited the 33-year-old. The Nets were desperate for a veteran who could command respect from stars Kevin Durant et Kyrie Irving and they think Morris has the seriousness to speak up when needed, as he did in Los Angeles alongside James and Davis.

BKN’s star duo livened up the NBA summer with their transfer demands, although both men ultimately had to stay put. However, the front office does not really want KD and Kai to do it again anytime soon, and therefore wanted to build a workforce capable of responding to it if necessary. Much like his brother Marcus, ‘Kieff is known to go cash when something doesn’t sit right with him. He would therefore offer quite a respondent.

If Markieff Morris was recruited by the Nets, it is not only for his experience and his qualities on the ground. Owner Joe Tsai hopes in particular that he will be able to provide support to the coach in the locker room. Steve Nash would need it…



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