The most important dates and games of the Warriors in 2022-23

The Golden State Warriors want to further extend their winning dynasty in the NBA and the 2022-23 season will bring them the challenge of being crowned consecutively in the league. In fact, their calendar is full of interesting duels and here we will tell you 5 games that are shaping up to be the most important in the regular season.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (October 18)

Last season the Warriors dominated their home series against the Lakers and it all started with a win in their season opener. History could repeat itself in 2022, with the Warriors hosting the LeBron James-led team at the Chase Center to kick off the schedule.

2. Boston Celtics (December 10)

After a series of NBA Finals in which the Warriors managed to overcome some talented Celtics, those who arrive as favorites in the campaign are those from Boston and what better way to prove it than a duel between the two most recent conference champions .

3. Memphis Grizzlies (December 25)

The playoff series between the Warriors and the Grizzlies had all kinds of emotions in 2022, from controversy to great performances. A rivalry was created that promises to shine this season and at Christmas they will collide as one of the most attractive meetings in San Francisco.

4. Los Angeles Clippers (February 14)

The Clippers hope to have a large unrestricted payroll for 2022-23, setting them up as championship contenders in the West. The fight for direct quotas to the preseason will be very interesting and surely in February there will be much to talk about this duel.

5. Phoenix Suns (March 13)

The Suns proved to be the best team during the past regular season and although they could not prove it in the playoffs, they are candidates to take the first place in the conference once again. A more experienced and solid team like Phoenix can be a thorn in the Warriors’ shoe.



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