The Lakers already united by LeBron James

It has been several days, even weeks, that teams have returned to training, but this is not an official recovery. The coaches do not have the right to be present, and it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of next week for the coaches to lead the training sessions. On the Lakers side, we have already seen that the stars were already in uniform, and ESPN reports that LeBron James decided to set up a mini-camp.

He is not the first to do so, and he was already doing this at the Cavaliers, when this internship started on Friday on the San Diego side. All the players have responded, with the exception of Dennis Schroder who has not yet joined Los Angeles after his beautiful Euro.

For the official resumption, it will be Tuesday for the Lakers, the day after “media day”. This will be the case for almost all franchises. Only the Hawks, Wizards, Warriors and Bucks will have gotten ahead, and that’s because those four franchises are going overseas to play friendlies. In Abu Dhabi for the Hawks and Bucks. In Japan for the Warriors and Wizards.



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