The Japanese woman is desperate for the UFC and is not shy about taking off her clothes for a contract


Author: Kamila Šimková

Japonka Rin Nakai.FOTO: DEEP Jewels

The American UFC organization is considered by many fighters to be the most prestigious goal that can be achieved in the wrestling world. Sometimes they are able to do their absolute best to get the dream contract. Sometimes, however, someone appears who does not rely only on their abilities and match results, but rather tries to get the promoters of the organization on their side by blackmailing them on social networks.

Recently, attention has been drawn to the Japanese Rin Nakai, who shows her dissatisfaction with her desperate posts and makes it very loud that she wants to return to the most prestigious organization in the world. She already got into the UFC once, unfortunately for her, her only two fights in the organization ended in losses and she did not get a contract extension.

Nakai probably even believes that someone is preventing her from re-signing her contract with the UFC and threatens that anyone standing in her way will face legal action. Nor does it add to her attractiveness in potential negotiations with the UFC. Her posts seem quite cheap, in one of the published photos she is even only in underwear. Even so, he claims that he has the confidence to fight at flyweight, he trains honestly every day and is stronger than ever.

She hasn’t met any slayer in her native Japan for a long time, and that’s probably why she’s looking abroad. But the question remains, why is she fixating so much on the UFC, she could try her luck in other organizations as well. But they don’t attract her that much. Although her nine-time winning streak is a sign of unceasing performance, her wrestling style is probably not very interesting for fans, and even that discourages UFC promoters from signing a contract with this petite wrestler.

According to official statistics, the Japanese woman now has a record of 25-2-1, her only two defeats were in the UFC. Nakai definitely did not have it easy in the UFC, she fought in a higher weight category than she is used to, and in addition she fought against good opponents. One of them, Miesha Tate, later even won the bantamweight title in the UFC. But now the UFC also has a flyweight division, in which Nakai would have a much better chance to succeed.

Since 2016, when she fought in the UFC for the last time, she managed to win all fights in the flyweight category. This year, three were organized by DEEP Jewels. There were nine of them in total and she finished all her opponents before the limit. So his results are respectable, but it is not yet enough to return to the American UFC.

Anyway, her antics on social media sound pretty desperate and attract more negative attention.

Do you think Nakai has a chance to fulfill his dream and return to the UFC?

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