The intractable European champion in his visit to Rebi Cuenca (26-38)

The European champion, Barca, visited “El Sargal” in Cuenca to play the second day of the ASOBAL league against Rebi Balonmano Cuenca, who did his homework the previous day in Valladolid. The Cuencans debuted at home this season and like every game the local fans did not fail their warriors.

The first possession of the match would be for the locals with a first goal by Pozzer in a very good circulation of the ball that the visitors responded with a tremendous shot from the edge of the area by N`guessan that Ben Tekaya could do nothing to stop. tackle it.

The locals showed a strong defense and managed to be 2 above, 3-1 reflected the electronic, with a great start for the Cuenca team against the titan in front of them.

10 minutes into the game and it was 4-9 on the scoreboard with Barcelona showing why they are the European champions and the club almost invincible in this league, despite his insistence, Rebi was unable to open any gaps in the Catalan defence.

The Cuencans kept pressing with good long-range shots from Nazaré against the great defensive organization shown by the rivals who placed the 9-17 on the scoreboard after a great individual action by Carlsbogard, unstoppable for the local goalkeeper.

The first half came to an end with an imperious Blaugrana dominance and a bad first half from the locals, who prevailed on the scoreboard with a lofty result of 14-25 and which reflected the great difference between this club and the rest. of the league.

The second half started with a great collective play by Cuenca, who moved the ball around the visiting area and Pozzer, as in the first, opened the can with a ball between the central defenders.

The Rebi Cuenca players tried hard every time they had without being able to open the visiting defense that was attentive at all times to the local plays, that when they achieved a good shooting position they ran into the goalkeeper, with a marker 18-31 at 10 minutes into the second half.

Despite the resounding defeat, the local fans and especially the Furia Cuenca supported the efforts of their players and showed in the last stages of the match the illusion and the desire that the city had for the return of its king sport, its handball, its Rebi Cuenca.

The game ended in “El Sargal” with the result of 26-38, in which the team from Cuenca could not cope with the gale of Barca, which was superior on both sides of the field.


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