The Incredibles launch a wanted notice

RECRUITMENT. The challenge of recruiting rare pearls is not only related to the labor market. Secondary schools are struggling to find coaches to lead some of their sports teams. At the dawn of a new season at the extracurricular level, it is starting to get late. This is the case on the side of the sports department at J.-H.-Leclerc where we try by all means to enlist newcomers to supervise the young people of the Incredibles.

“In badminton, I had a coach who gave several years of his life, but his personal situation has changed. He now has a small family and I understand him wanting to move on,” said Véronique Tremblay, physical educator and coordinator of extracurricular activities at JH.-Leclerc high school. This scenario illustrated by the teacher is not unique. Each start of the school year brings the search for coaches back to the table, she maintains.

“The ideal would be to have two coachs per team. The players would be better supervised and they could take advantage of it on the field, ”said the sports manager.

Social networks, word of mouth, approaches to former students of J.-H.-Leclerc. All imaginable strategies are put into execution to find coaches. And although the idea of ​​coaching basketball players or volleyball players seems accessible, the mandate requires time, a minimum of knowledge and investment on the part of those who put on the coaching uniform. , warns Véronique Tremblay. “It’s often a second evening job and it’s a lot of involvement.” “It all depends on each coach and it varies from discipline to discipline. For example, in badminton, there are fewer competitions than in volleyball-. It’s case by case. »

For now, the school is looking for specialists in a few disciplines: badminton, basketball, volleyball and handball. At the Incroyables (football), all the coaching staff is in place.

But time is running out to recruit new members into the Incredibles coaching fraternity. While registrations for extracurricular sports are in full swing, the start of the season is already on the horizon. At the time of publication, just over 300 students were planning to participate in extracurricular sports this year at J.-H.-Leclerc. “At the beginning of October, we should have our coaches, because afterwards, we have to send our notices of participation to the RSEQ (Réseau du sport sportif du Québec)”, mentions Ms. Tremblay.

“Fortunately, we have a lot of passionate coaches who come back every year. Above all, we must not forget them, ”she adds.

Candidates interested in experiencing student sports can contact Véronique Tremblay at or 450 378-9981, extension 52245.



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