The Government ends the strike of the referees with a million euros

The League F referees have ended their strike and will whistle normally this weekend. The Government has intervened directly to put an end to the stoppage, contributing one million euros of public funds to alleviate the difference between the salary demands of the members and the offer of the clubs.

As reported by the RFEF and confirmed by the rest of the actors, the Higher Sports Council (CSD), “within the framework of an agreement for six seasons”, will contribute during the first three “an amount of 350,000 extra euros per year that will be destined to an individualized mutual fund that the referees will be able to dispose of once their professional career is over”.

“In addition, the RFEF will contribute the same amount during the first three years to the LPFF through the Coordination Agreement to be allocated entirely to the clubs to deal with the arbitrations of the competition,” the statement added. Namely, for three seasons the same extra money that the CSD contributes to that fund will also be contributed by the RFEF to pay part of the arbitrations.

Franco and Rubiales

This agreement has been reached after the discreet conversations and out of the spotlights that the Government and the RFEF have held on Wednesday. Sources familiar with the negotiations highlight the role played by the president of the CSD, José Manuel Franco, in resolving the mess, after three failed meetings between Monday and Tuesday.

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, has also been personally involved in the talks this Wednesday, after both institutions delegated the negotiations of the previous days to their work teams.

The final salary of the referees will be 25,000 euros gross and that of the attendees of 16,000, to which those extra 350,000 euros will be added whose distribution between referees, assistants, fourth referees and informants has not been detailed. To this must be added the increase in the mutual fund for when his career on the pitch ends.

In this way, the strike of the referees will be limited to the first day of the F League and the two matches of the Copa de la Reina played this week in which teams from the highest category have participated. The first edition of the women’s professional league can start this weekend.



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