The good, the bad and the ugly of the 10th date of the Liga BetPlay classics Bogotá, Cali and Medellín | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The date 10 of the League always represents expectation, in all football fans. Well, the focus is on the regional classics, specifically where the historic clubs meet.

This is the case of the derbies in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, where the biggest clubs in the country are, in terms of history and fans. Although the date has not ended, three games took the attention, in the previous one. For the chronicles and the memory, they did not disappoint.

Three winners and three losers. Football leaves this result and beating the backyard rival will always be satisfaction for the fervent fan. Millionaires, Medellin and America imposed the stoppage against Santa Fe, Nacional and Cali.

This is the good, the bad and the ugly, which left the three regional duels.

Millionaires vs. Santa Fe

The good: Millionaires maintains its style, wins and likes. It is a team that apart from getting the points, learned to manage the times of the game, to find the goals in difficult moments. When Santa Fe tightened it, the second of Carlos Gómez arrived.

The present of the blues is to be admired; They are leaders with 24 units, taking an advantage of six points over the second, which is Unión Magdalena. In addition, of the last six classics, Millionaires has kept five.

The bad: Santa Fe is still a team with an idea under construction, it has important players in all its lines. Despite this, Alfredo Arias’ tactical changes with his mirror scheme did not have the desired effect.

The ugly: coach Alfredo Arias was expelled by Wilmar Roldán, in a move that, for some, was exaggerated. The norm contemplates it and the center-back applied it, despite the fact that the strategist told him, he did nothing with the intention of stopping the game.

Medellin vs National

The good: a vibrant classic, in goals, the best of the date. Seven entries were presented at the Atanasio Girardot, with a dramatic touch, since the duel that painted a historic win for the powerful ended up being a tight derby.

To highlight, the first time of the DIM, overwhelming, precise and effective facing the goal of Mier. The second part was Nacional’s response, which, within its limitations, discounted and was able to tie the classic.

The bad: the expulsion of Andrés Ricaurte was discussed, for the moment and the previous actions that the referee had sanctioned, where the DIM players asked that he measure every foul with the same partiality.

The ugly: Nacional’s defense showed its terrible flaws, it’s not just the classic, but the entire contest. The first half was forgotten, the powerful could easily score more goals and leave the ‘Arriero’ in check.

And it is no coincidence, the moment of the current champion of Colombia is irregular. He has the second most defeated goal with 18 goals, they can’t find the way. Despite this, they are still close to the qualifying places. The technicians that he has on the bench are striking, a combination of experience and knowledge, but it is not enough to make sense of a team that is broken, from a tactical and football point of view.

America vs Deportivo Cali

The good: América continues to improve, it has already entered the batch of classifieds and soccer, despite not being showy, becomes its practical tool, to impose itself and get the necessary results. There were no complications with Cali, but it is the product of the defensive fence and the midfield area that Guimaraes has. They have the least defeated goal, with just four goals against.

The bad: Cali’s timing is worrisome. The departure of Dudamel and the arrival of Candelo has been a complete shock for the sugar producers, they do not find their way and are last in the championship. The results leave them practically eliminated, despite the fact that mathematics leaves them an option, in sports, there is no way out.

The ugly: the expulsions condition Cali and Mayer Candelo’s approach, since he tries to maintain a solid and compact structure, but the disciplinary part harms, changing all the plans.


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