The Ghanaian Sibo, target of Amorebieta

Kwasi Sibo, during a match last season. / Real Betis

The Blues are close to shutting down this powerful midfielder, a free agent after leaving the Betis subsidiary

The transfer market is in full swing and Amorebieta is no stranger to this hustle and bustle in the offices. Urritxe’s club continues to work on putting the finishing touches on its renewed squad for this season, which would lack a couple of players to be closed permanently. One of them would be Kwasi Sibo, a powerful midfielder from Ghana whose signing would be very close to completion.

The Blues have focused on the incorporation of Sibo to strengthen their midfield. However, there is no rush in the Zornotzarra team to close the operation, since he is a ‘free agent’ after being released from the Betis subsidiary last week. His registration, therefore, could take place once the transfer period has ended since this measure does not affect the operation.

Kwasi Sibo, 24 years old, has been an international with Ghana and stands out for being a midfielder of great power and size (1.83m), with great physical display in the wide area of ​​the pitch. He can position himself in front of the defense or as a pivot, but also more advanced since he is a footballer with range and arrival. Versatility at the service of Haritz Mujika, who this season has many pawns to arrange as he pleases on the table and give the team greater versatility.

This past year Sibo has played in the subsidiary of Real Betis, with whom he had signed for two seasons. Previously, he was on loan for two seasons from English club Watford at Ibiza, with which he achieved promotion to the Second Division. He also has experience in more ‘exotic’ leagues like Armenia and Albania.

Leiza’s termination

The one who will not continue to be linked to Amorebieta is Beñat Leiza, after the agreement reached by both parties for the termination of his contract. The left-back thus ends his stage as a player for the Zornotzarra team, in which the promotion campaign to LaLiga SmartBank was a very important piece, being one of the protagonists of the already historic ‘Viverazo’.

However, last season he had no place in the squad and left on loan to Sestao River. Now, after his return to Urritxe, he has not finished convincing Mujika. His next destination will be Florida to play for Portugalete.



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