The future of Evan Fournier decided, furious fans!

The Knicks had a lot of decisions to make before training camp, especially in the case of Evan Fournier. Would the Frenchman stay or end up in a transfer? We now know more, and fans are far from happy with the choice of the franchise.

With only 14 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists on average, Evan Fournier disappointed a lot for his first season in New York. Result, he found himself in the departure rumors throughout the summer, in particular concerning the file Donovan Mitchell. In the end, however, the guard will stay in the Big Apple, according to the words of his coach Tom Thibodeau. The latter was indeed very clear, on the occasion of the Media Day:

Tom Thibodeau questioned about the starting back position: “With Jalen Brunson, RJ Barret and Julius Randle, we need to shoot (at the back position). Asked about it, Thibodeau said Evan Fournier is the favorite to start games before training camp.

Fournier confirmed as starting guard for the Knicks

Despite his troubles, the Frenchy will therefore have the right to a second chance in Gotham, in order to show that his signing for 78 million dollars over four years was not a complete failure. However, the decision is not unanimous with supporters, far from it. Instead, many would have preferred the spot to go to Quentin Grimes, who is coming out of his rookie season and has shown some promise. The comments were therefore inflammatory:

Just because he is now doesn’t mean he will be at the start of the season… I think Quentin Grimes is a better shooter and defender and will take that place!!!

Grimes is a great shooter and defender. Fournier could bring more off the bench.

How is it possible ??? Grimes can shoot three-pointers and defend. It’s the same shit every year. It’s crazy

To the chagrin of Quentin Grimes fans, it is Evan Fournier who should start the games at fullback. Be careful though, if he does not do better than last year, the Frenchman could quickly find himself on the bench, or even traded.



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