The fossil trails become Nordic Walking Park –

On the fossil trails the Nordic Walking Association Asti and the Paleontological District of Asti and Monferrato walk together.

The two realities (the first adheres to the second) have long been involved in the project on Nordic Walking Parks, paths of variable length and physical commitment with ideal conditions to perform the best technique in a landscape that brings together history (with paleontology in the foreground ), nature and inhabited places.

Those who walk can choose, through signs of different colors, the blue (short), red (medium) and black (demanding) itinerary: the signs will soon also characterize the Valleandona path which on Saturday 1 October will be traveled by the participants in the International Nordic Walking Festival, welcomed for the first time in the Asti capital. The meeting, organized by Nordic Walking Asti, will last two days (1-2 October) and will lead walkers to discover the great fossiliferous outcrop of Valle Botto with the park rangers and guides of the Astigiano Paleontological Park.

In the Valleandona and Valle Grande area, in the same territories as the Nature Reserve, there are three paths destined to constitute the paleontological Nordic Walking Park, as well as in the area of ​​the Gorghi di Cinaglio. The latter Municipality, through the mayor Flavio Miniscalco, is actively collaborating with the District having financed the purchase of the thirty support poles of the signposts and making its staff available for their installation along the itineraries.

On the other hand, the Park located in the protected site of Val Sarmassa and created by the Nordic Walking associations Asti and Terre di Aleramo was inaugurated last spring.

The recognition of the parks dedicated to Nordic walking is made possible by the collaboration between the Nordic Walking Asti Association led by Dino Fantato and the Paleontological District, according to the choices made by the previous Board of Directors, on the impulse of Carlo Alberto Goria and Gianfranco Miroglio, and continue with the current chaired by Gianluca Fornowhich remembers: “After having borne the costs for the certification of the paths carried out by an expert of the Italian Nordic Walking School, the District is preparing to equip the paths of the Valleandona, Valle Grande and Gorghi di Cinaglio area that will be reported on the notice boards, while the various levels of difficulty will be indicated with arrows of different colors. In this way the territory will become even more attractive and usable, constituting a further opportunity to deepen the naturalistic and paleontological aspect of our hills “.

There is a specific point – explains Dino Fantato, founder and president of Nordic Walking Asti – in which the paths of Valleandona-Valle Grande and Gorghi cross and is in Montegrosso Cinaglio. It is a total route of about 25 kilometers which includes the three essential segments: short, medium and long. The section between Valleandona and Valle Botto will be tested by the participants of the International Nordic Walking Festival. There are all the conditions for a high presence of walkers: so far the adhesions are two hundred, certainly destined to increase“.

To participate in the festival, sponsored by the Municipality of Asti, it is necessary to be registered in Nordic Walking Asti; tomorrow, Saturday 24 September, the association will be present in Piazza Statuto, from 3 to 8 pm, to provide information on the activity and the event of 1-2 October.



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